Friday, February 09, 2007

Tabletop Tips

It's so much fun to be creative with decorating tabletops. The possibilities are endless, but here are just a few ideas....

Candles - This is something that you can leave simple or dress up. A table scarf will make it more fancy, but 3 simple taper candles (in holders, obviously) can just add a nice little touch.

Flowers - Obviously this is easier in the summertime. If you have a flower garden it's a lot of fun to have fresh flowers for the tabletop (and cheap too). Most people love flowers!

Large, wide vase with white or cream pillar candle (tall) - Around the candle you can place small stones, red berries (pretty around the holidays), sand, or potpourri.

Floating roses in a bowl - This idea can be used as a center piece, but also for place settings. I saw the idea in a book... each place had a small bowl with a single rose top, floating in water. It was so cute!

Map under a clear table cover - Our family used this idea for several months and it was a lot of fun. The kids played geography games during meals sometimes. You can either use a world map or a US map. Educational and entertaining!

Goldfish in a glass bowl - Mother saw this at an event she and Daddy attended one time. The hostess had three, clear, various shaped bowls/vases with water and goldfish. The kids at the event got a real kick out of it!

Use your imagination. I mean, don't do anything too weird but there are a multitude of things you can experiment with! Have fun, girls.


Krissy Cooper said...


So you like "sprucing stuff up" too!?!?!? :-) I LOVE doing stuff like that, and if I could, would do it for every meal! :-) I like to set the "fancy" center piece, ALL the silver wear, dinner plate, bread plate, water goblet plus the regular glass, cloth napkins... and the list goes on! :-)

I must say, I normally drive everyone insane with my love of doing this, so I can't do it very often. :-) But, if I am the one who has dishes, I can sometimes get away with it... :-)

Also, I really enjoy doing a neat center piece too, like some of the ones you mentioned in your post (especially with fresh flowers!). I like having company too, then Mom normally lets me be "in-charge" of all the table settings and decorations. I think it is really fun...

Thanks for your ideas, they were very inspiring! Also, thanks for letting me gab on so ridiculously LONG. My sisters already tease me about commenting on everything all the time, so this will really be a good one! :-)


Meagan said...

Your right it was!